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UFO Night Light Will Scare Your Kids

UFO Night Light Will Scare Your Kids

By Evan Ackerman

I don’t know what it is, exactly, but there’s just something about the alien figure in this UFO nightlight that really, really freaks me out. Maybe it’s the expression. Or the shape of the head. And I’m an adult (sort of); would you really want to put something like this in a little kid’s room? Watching, always watching, just waiting for you to fall asleep, and then it’ll get out of its little space ship, climb up onto your bed, creep over to your face, and suck your life force out through your eyeballs while making soft little slurping noises.

Sluuuurp. Sluuuuuurp.

Um, let’s change the subject a little bit, I’m actually starting to scare myself now. So that totally incredibly awesome Alien Abduction Lamp? It’s for sure going into production (woohoo!), and the designer, Lasse Klein, has the prototypes on his desk as I type this. They’re fixing a few issues, and it’ll be ready “as soon as possible.”

Meantime, you can have this nightlight instead, if you want it, which I don’t, for $40.

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