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Floater Cutlery Won’t Sink In Your Sink

Floater Cutlery Won’t Sink In Your Sink

Floater (Image courtesy Seongyong Lee)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I like this clever cutlery design by Seongyong Lee that adds a bulbous ‘float’ to your forks, knives and spoons so that they won’t sink to the bottom when doing dishes, the more I look at it, the more it seems like a solution looking for a problem. I mean I honestly can’t say that sunken cutlery has ever been a real problem for me. I think one time I might have nicked a finger on a sharp knife while blindly fishing around in the sink, but that’s pretty much it. In fact the only time I think this might actually be handy is if you were doing dishes in a swimming pool, or any container/body of water that was deeper than your arms could reach.

And while the Floater cutlery is just a concept at this stage, Seongyong has made a working prototype you can see in action in the video I’ve included after the jump.

[ Seongyong Lee – Floater ] VIA [ designklub ]