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Finger Sockets Don’t Seem Very Useful

Finger Sockets Don’t Seem Very Useful

By Luke Anderson

Here is probably one of the strangest tool sets I’ve ever seen. What you see is a set of finger-mounted sockets. These plastic tools fit on your finger with what appears to be a zip tie (hopefully there is a mechanism for loosening it, unlike regular zip ties). This allows you to grip a nut or bolt with just a single finger.

While at first pass this might seem somewhat useful, I seriously doubt that it would be. First, the thing is made of plastic, so you wouldn’t be able to put much pressure on it (plus that plastic strip would dig into your finger and become quite painful). Not to mention the fact that unlike a socket wrench, there’s no room to allow the bolt to pass completely through the nut you are tightening. This just means you’ll have to get out a regular socket wrench anyway. Sure, you get 10 US and 10 Metric sizes, but I see this as something that gets tossed in a drawer and forgotten. At least you’ll only have wasted $20 on it.

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