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Catch A Kitty With This Fishing Rod & Reel

Catch A Kitty With This Fishing Rod & Reel

By Luke Anderson

I’m not sure how many of you are cat owners, but of those that are, I wonder how many of you actually buy toys for your feline friend. I used to, however, I have discovered that my cat tends to lose interest in most of them, opting instead to chase after my feet, the curtains, and other times, absolutely nothing at all. Seriously, she’ll tear through the house as if she were chasing some sort of prey, when in reality there isn’t anything there. Well, if your cat actually plays with the toys you purchase, then you might check out this Fishing Rod & Reel.

This little number is basically a small fishing pole with catnip-filled toys in place of a hook. This lets you participate in your cat’s fun, while still sitting comfortably in your chair. If you need another cat toy in the house, then this can be yours for $22.

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