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The Return Of The Zeppelin (No, Not The Band)

The Return Of The Zeppelin (No, Not The Band)

By Jonathan Kimak

San Fransico based company Airship Ventures is bringing back Zeppelins. The blimp like Zeppelins(but don’t call them blimps, they’re sensitive about that) have not been too popular since the Hindenburg crashed and burned over 70 years ago. Somehow I doubt that will be in the brochure.

For $495 an hour(per person) you and up to 12 guests can ride one of the Zeppelins on several different scenic tours of the San Fransico/Oakland, including a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge. There’s also the possibility to have a customized route for a “customized” price.

The flight will take you 1,200 feet above ground and you’ll be traveling at a modest 35-40 miles per hour. The Zeppelin itself is 246-feet long and made of a semi-rigid structure and filled with non-flammable helium(at least they’ve learned something in the last 70 years). The flights will begin sometime this November.

I’ll be waiting for either a price reduction or a dual airship Final Fantasy themed party in the air with two airships battling each other in the sky. Neither is likely to happen.

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