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Thanko Keyboard Keeps Your Hands Warm In The Winter

By Luke Anderson

I’ve always thought of the thermostat as a sort of battleground. I don’t care if you’re at the office or at home, if there is another person in the area, they will always want it set around 8 degrees differently than you do. The worst (for me) is when it gets really cold in my office, as I don’t type well when my hands are freezing. If you happen to work in an office where this is a regular occurrence, this keyboard from Thanko might be beneficial to you.

This cool (get it?) keyboard has built in fans and a heater that can keep your hands cool, or warm, depending on what you want. The keyboard may look a little bulky (for obvious reasons), but if you get cold hands, it would be well worth the $51.

[ Thanko ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]