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Symantec Home Office PC Build: The Unboxing Pics

Symantec Home Office PC Build: The Unboxing Pics

By David Ponce

[ This article concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

I’ll preempt any negative comments right off the bat: I know there aren’t enough pics and that the ones I do have suck. But I’m no artist/photographer, nor do I play one on TV. For now, the pictures I’m including after the jump represent my modest attempt at capturing the “rush” of unboxing parts for the Home Office PC I’m building as part of the Symantec campaign (previous coverage). Later in the series, I’ll have better ones (heck, even a video or two), but for now, this is it.

To be fair, there isn’t all that much excitement in this particular unboxing. It’s not like it’s a new MacBook, or anything that’s been delicately or ornately packaged. They’re PC parts. Yay.

Still, there’s the pic above, and four more after the jump. After all that, you have a link to the article with a little commentary.

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