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Build Your Own Solar Powered Grasshopper

Build Your Own Solar Powered Grasshopper

By Luke Anderson

When I was a kid, I always enjoyed gifts that required me to assemble something. LEGOs and Erector Sets were always great, but one of my favorites was this DIY radio kit that I got. I don’t recall actually learning anything from it, except how to use a soldering iron (not very well, mind you). But at the end of the day, I had a working radio that picked up all of one station. Sure, it wasn’t practical for use, but I built a freaking radio with my own bare hands. I know that my younger self would have loved to build one of these Solar Powered Grasshoppers.

I doubt that this kit is quite as complicated as my radio, but once it is assembled, you’ll have a grasshopper that hops around, with a little help from the sun. At $11 a pop, I’m sure it would make a great little stocking stuffer.

[ ScientificsOnline ] VIA [ RedFerret ]


2 responses to “Build Your Own Solar Powered Grasshopper”

  1. RobertLandry says:

    This is too awesome. I hope I can fiind one to put under our artificial Christmas tree for my kid. He would love one!

  2. rmhuff6 says:

    He would be so cute as a Christmas tree ornament, too.