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Hide Cookies Inside Of R2-D2

Hide Cookies Inside Of R2-D2

By Luke Anderson

I’ve always thought that R2-D2 was the perfect shape to be turned into a variety of different household objects. Plenty of others agree with me, because I’ve seen our favorite astromech droid converted into computers, refrigerators and even a trash can. Well if those weren’t enough, you can now store cookies inside of this domed droid.

This is a pretty simple and straightforward product. R2’s dome comes off to reveal an area to store cookies. The only strange thing about this $40 collectable cookie jar is that there is an explicit warning that states “The Star Wars Collectible Cookie Jars are intended for decorative and collectible purposes only. They are not intended to hold cookies or any kind of food item.” Honestly, if I’m buying a cookie jar, I’m putting cookies in it.

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