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Aqua Eye Underwater Video Camera Provides A First-Person View Of Your Aquarium

Aqua Eye Underwater Mini Video Camera (Images courtesy Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Hey kids! Instead of having to charter a boat, rent expensive diving equipment and risk the bends in order to spend an afternoon playing Jacques Cousteau make-believe, you can now have a similar underwater experience in the comfort of your own aquarium. In fact you don’t even have to get wet, since this Aqua Eye underwater video camera has 2 meters of cable (plus an extra 3 meters of video cable) allowing you to explore the depths of your aquarium while you’re parked on the couch in front of the TV.

The tiny camera head features 4 LED lights on the lens to illuminate the darkest corners of the sunken castles and pirate ships at the bottom of your tank, and the generous 2.7 megapixel CMOS sensor will allow you to see every terrified detail on your fishes’ faces as you harass them in their own domain. That’s right! No longer are you only limited to making their lives miserable by tapping on the glass walls of their cramped prison.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the $180 price tag is worth the approximately 45 seconds of entertainment you can have with this camera in your aquarium. Unless you decide to re-purpose it for ‘what’s clogging the drain?’ duty afterwards.

[ Aqua Eye Underwater Mini Video Camera ]

  • Schmierwurst

    Is it friday yet? Oh, never mind…

  • Schmierwurst

    Is it friday yet? Oh, never mind…

  • jess

    awesome, i would like to get one but my parenst will not allow me because it's expensive for us.


  • Matt @ video cable

    Awesome gadget for the kids to play with. But what is with the timer? Is the camera good for 45 seconds and then unusable?