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PepperBall Goes For A Trifecta Of Pain

PepperBall Goes For A Trifecta Of Pain

By Jonathan Kimak

So you’re walking your dog at night can carrying a flashlight. A mugger comes at you expecting an easy score and instead gets hit with a high speed ball of pepper spray, a laser in his eyes and a big bright beam of light. At least that’s what PepperBall, the makers of the FlashLauncher, would like to sell you on.

The FlashLauncher is a foot long flashlight that also contains a semi-automatic pepper spray ball launcher that can shoot off 5 rounds and comes with a laser pointer that helps out with the targeting of your shots.

At $400 though, it is unlikely a lot of people are going to be rushing to buy this. I do, however, expect to see this used in the next Jackass movie.

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