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Master Chief Costume Looks Great, Will Break The Bank

Master Chief Costume Looks Great, Will Break The Bank

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If you don’t have a Halloween costume yet, then you’d better get on it, since the holiday is only just a few days away. Unless you have a lot of free time on your hands, it’s probably too late to start putting together your own custom costume, so you’ll have to resort to paying cash. If you don’t mind spending the extra dough, and want to be the envy of every gamer you encounter, then this Master Chief costume is the one for you.

This fully-licensed costume looks rather authentic, and includes a quilted jumpsuit/EVA armor, gauntlets, boot tops and two-piece helmet. Battle damage is thrown in at no extra charge. So just how much will it cost to transform into the main character from Halo? Just $629 (that’s marked down from $849, so it’s a steal) plus shipping.

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One response to “Master Chief Costume Looks Great, Will Break The Bank”

  1. Anthony King says:

    how much would you sell the quilted jumpsuit for….alone?