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Private Explorer Is Like A Camper With Wings

Private Explorer Is Like A Camper With Wings

Private Explorer (Images courtesy Explorer Aeronautique Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Those giant luxury motorhomes (McMotorhomes instead of McMansions?) that come complete with fold-out balconies and retracting flat screen TVs are nice and all, but you’re pretty limited to where you can actually take one. So for true flexibility when it comes to your next ‘camping’ trip you might want to check out the Private Explorer.

It’s basically a two-seater single-engine aircraft that doubles as a miniature cottage. While it doesn’t have anywhere near the luxuries of a bus-sized motorhome, it does manage to include a bed, a dining table, a fridge, a stove, a toilet, a shower, a water pump, and a heater making it considerably more comfortable than your standard tent. And since the Private Explorer comes with the option of adding floats, instead of just visiting the lake, you can use it as your actual runway. Understandably the Private Explorer will set you back about $102,000 ($130,000 CDN) which is pretty much what a well-equipped motorhome would run you. Though I’m not sure which one would have the higher gas bill.

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