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Make Margaritas In Your Car, Thanks To The Margarator

Make Margaritas In Your Car, Thanks To The Margarator

By Luke Anderson

How many times have you been cruising along, or at least been near your car and thought that you needed a margarita? Sure, not being in your house or a bar will generally tend to make that a difficult drink to come by, but fear not, the Margarator MSB-585 is here to save the day!

This blender was created with the on-the-go drinker in mind. Not only will this blend up a great drink for you and dispense it from the handy tap, it will do all of this from the comfort of your car. Maybe I just don’t drink enough, but I actually can’t think of any time where someone was craving a margarita when we had only a car’s lighter plug for power. I suppose on a camping trip it might be fun, just don’t forget to clean it out before you go driving off. Something tells me that if you get pulled over with that in your front seat, things won’t go so well. Unfortunately the $110 price tag will be enough to persuade most people to just drink something easier to make.

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