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Logitech Shows Off “Real” Guitar Hero Controller

Logitech Shows Off “Real” Guitar Hero Controller

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I’m sure that you’ve all seen the Premium Drum Rocker from Ion, which is a $300 kit for Rock Band. While that is a hefty price to play for an instrument to be used in a video game, you can upgrade it and convert it to a real electronic kit. Unfortunately, the same does not hold true for Logitech’s new Premiere wireless guitar.

I have to say that I’m torn on this one. While there is a part of me that is drawn to the realism of the guitar, the metal frets, rosewood fingerboard and wood neck, it really is hard to justify. I suppose if you’ve already shelled out the cash for an Ion Drum Rocker, then your plastic Stratocaster just won’t measure up next to it. If you have $250 burning a hole in your pocket, then look for this to hit stores in December, but only for the PS2/PS3.



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