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De-Icing System Promises To Melt Away Snow With Ease

De-Icing System Promises To Melt Away Snow With Ease

By Luke Anderson

I actually enjoy the winter, snow included. I always thought that it made everything look a little more pure. That is until it comes time to shovel the driveway or sidewalk. Then it becomes a freezing cold burden that needs to be melted away by the summer sunshine. If you’re looking for an easier way to get rid of that snow this year, this Bare Ground De-Icing System is worth a look.

Looking very much like a container of pesticide or weed killer, this gallon of magical liquid promises to melt away snow with only a light mist. What’s more, is that it will keep the ice and snow away for up to two weeks. They say that this one container is equivalent to 50 lbs of salt, which would be incredible if it were true. Also noted is that the liquid is all-natural, non-staining and safe for pets and the environment. You can pick up a container with sprayer for $40, with gallon refills only running $13.

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