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Bun In The Oven Scale Will Get You In Trouble

Bun In The Oven Scale Will Get You In Trouble

By Luke Anderson

Guys, there are some things that you don’t buy your wife, no matter what the circumstances. Sure, she cleans up your mess a lot, but a vacuum cleaner does not make an appropriate anniversary gift, however, just buying a new one in general isn’t so bad. This Bun in the Oven Scale, however, should never be purchased by you.

This amusing scale is supposed to track the weight of an expecting mother. You can see four colorful markers and the silhouettes of a woman as she progresses through a pregnancy. The colored markers represent 20-lb increments, starting at 120 lbs. While that may seem fine and dandy to you, if she happens to step on the scale and be shown that she’s further along in terms of weight than she thinks (because not everyone weighs 120 lbs), then you will incur her wrath. I’d stay away from this ridiculously-priced $95 gadget if I were you.

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