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Noose Lamp Just Creeps Me Out

Noose Lamp Just Creeps Me Out

By Luke Anderson

If you you’re the kind of person that is just fascinated by death, and enjoys making people wonder about the state of your mental health, then I’ve got the perfect lamp for you. Designer Marie Thurnauer has decided to provide the world with a way to not only end your life, but also with a way to keep your room nice and bright.

The 53-inch lighting fixture is technically a work of art, though I’m not quite sure I understand the point of such a piece. If you think that you ever might want to use the lamp for any purpose other than illuminating a room, I wouldn’t suggest buying it. Once you realize that you just spent over six thousand dollars on a lamp, you might be tempted to use the noose.

[ Petites Productions ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]