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Good News For Rock Band 2 Wii Fans

Good News For Rock Band 2 Wii Fans

By Jonathan Kimak

Rock Band 2 for the Wii is just one month away and since I don’t have a 360 but do have a Wii I’m rather excited about the release. Even better is the news from Harmonix, makers of RB2 for the Wii. If you have the Wii guitar from Guitar Hero III you will be pleased to know that it will work with RB2.

And chances are a lot of Wii owners did get Guitar Hero III instead of the original Rock Band that was stripped of many features in its conversion for the Wii. So if you’re a guitar only player you can save some money by just getting the Rock Band 2 game. Or get the whole package and have an extra guitar on hand.

Either way I’m looking forward to the release for the Wii, November 18.

[ Harmonix ] VIA [ Wii Fan Boy ]


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