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Retro Gaming Decals Put Space Invaders On Your Wall

Retro Gaming Decals Put Space Invaders On Your Wall

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I’ve been staring at a couple of walls in my office lately, trying to figure out what would best fill the blank space. Today, I think I finally have my answer. I need some retro gaming-themed vinyl gaming decals. What’s even better, I know exactly where to get them.

Etsy seller vinylwalldesign is offering up a set of Space Invaders and Pac-Man vinyl decals that is sure to give your office that retro feel. The $45 Space Invaders set comes with 18 invaders, 2 missiles and 2 ships for you to arrange to your liking. The $20 Pac-Man one is a bit disappointing with only 5 dots, 1 pill, Pinky and of course Pac-Man. The seller is willing to make custom Pac-Man pieces, if you’re willing to front the cash.