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Now Fix Cuts With Duct Tape (Bandages)

Now Fix Cuts With Duct Tape (Bandages)

By Luke Anderson

Any handyman can tell you that the best way to fix just about anything, is with duct tape. Okay, not all handymen will tell you that, and you really shouldn’t be paying anyone to apply that magical silver tape to anything. I’m not saying that it isn’t great for many things, but that’s not something you need to pay someone for. So what happens when you injure yourself while tackling a home repair project? Just throw some duct tape on it.

No, don’t apply regular duct tape to a cut, as it’s not the most sanitary thing to do. However, you can use these Nexcare Duct Tape Bandages. You get the awesome manly look of using duct tape to heal your wound, while still being sanitary about it. A box of 20 will only run you a little under $5.

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