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Launch Your Paper Airplanes Like A Pro

Launch Your Paper Airplanes Like A Pro

By Luke Anderson

I recall many days of my youth being dedicated to perfecting a craft that could be easily constructed from readily available material, and still soar long distances. I am, of course talking about the paper airplane. It’s fascinating that no matter how long one spends on trying to create a new design, you always seem to end up right back with one of the basic paper plane shapes. Something else I found interesting was that how you launched your paper craft greatly affected its flight, which made judging a contest based solely on the construction very difficult. The solution? An Electronic Plane Launcher.

This is one of those multipurpose products. Sure, it’s not going to end up doing much more than launching paper planes, but it comes as a kit that you must assemble. The result is a small platform with dual motors which will launch a paper airplane and allow it to achieve speeds up to 31MPH. I don’t recall ever clocking the speed of our paper crafts, but that seems really fast. For $22, it probably isn’t worth it, but just imagine launching a few dozen planes, one after the other. Now that would be a sight to see.

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