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VTech KidiArt Studio

VTech KidiArt Studio

VTech KidiArt Studio (Images courtesy VTech)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re counting on your child’s artistic skills to fund your retirement, you’ll want to start fostering their creative side as soon as possible. And while crayons and paper make for a perfectly suitable creative outlet, your kid’s masterpieces won’t be that easy to email to the local galleries as you build up their reputation. But this KidiArt Studio drawing desk from VTech not only allows your kids to produce email-friendly digital-only works of art, but also features an integrated digital camera on an arm allowing you to snap pics of works done in more traditional mediums like finger paints, macaroni and of course crayons.

The KidiArt Studio desk also features a Wacom-esque kid-friendly stylus for drawing on the tablet surface and can be connected to a TV or a PC for showing off their creations. In fact, in its PC connect mode the desk and the camera can even be used to create stop motion or hand-drawn animations using the included software. At $79.99 from VTech it’s considerably more expensive than an Etch-A-Sketch, but it also won’t limit your child’s creativity to just two twisty knobs.

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