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StarCraft 2 Is Now StarCraft 2, 3, And 4

StarCraft 2 Is Now StarCraft 2, 3, And 4

By Evan Ackerman

StarCraft 2, the most hotly anticipated oft-delayed game of the last 10 years (besides this one, of course) is probably going to get delayed again and split into three parts. Part 1, which features a Terran single player campaign, is still targeted to be out sometime in 2009. You won’t get to play Zerg or Protoss, though, since their single player campaigns have been plucked out and turned into expansion packs, which will be released one and two years respectively after part 1. So if you want to play the Protoss single player campaign, you’re looking at 2011, if everything stays on schedule. Multiplayer shouldn’t be crippled, although I imagine each expansion will offer additional units.

Blizzard says that this is a good thing, ’cause each expansion pack is going to offer more of a full game’s worth of content. Hmm, sounds to me like you mean each expansion pack is going to cost as much as a full game. And people are going to pay it… I know I will, with each campaign having 26 to 30 missions that change depending on which objectives you choose to complete, just like the original StarCraft. Speaking of, I think I now need to spend the next five hours playing StarCraft. Yes, yes I do.

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