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Google’s New Satellite  Takes Its First Picture

Google’s New Satellite Takes Its First Picture

By Jonathan Kimak

Last week the GeoEye-1 satellite, which is co-owned/sponsored by Google, took a photo(above) of the Kutztown University campus in Pennsylvania. The satellite is primarily funded by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency(NGA) with Google being the second largest funder.

The satellite is able to take pictures at a resolution of 41cm which is close enough to zoom in on the home plate of a baseball diamond. Google is only allowed to receive photos that are a maximum of 50cm resolution due to government restrictions. The NGA will receive their photos at a 43cm resolution.

Even with restrictions the satellite will provide Google Earth and Google Maps with the best pictures yet.

Right now the GeoEye-1 is undergoing calibration to ensure it achieves maximum resolution.

VIA [ Wired Blog ]


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