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United Arab Emirates Goes Big With LEDs

By Jonathan Kimak

What do you do when you’re a tiny little country that makes more money than countries 5 times your size? You spend money on crazy stuff. At least that’s what I think the United Arab Emirates(UAE) are doing. They’ve created skyscrapers with tennis courts on them, are planning to make rotating buildings and now are going for a 33 storey LED display.

The LED display will cover the entire side of a building and will have images viewable 1.5km away. With a display that powerful they’d better be careful what sort of advertisements get played. There could be a lot of traffic accidents from a 330 foot Victoria’s Secret ad.

[ Cool Buzz ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

  • unchained

    The UAE may be the last place to display a Victoria-Secret-Advert.

  • James Chen

    we just know it too later!

    let's do the next project bigger!

    James Chen
    skype: ledmanexpert