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Kevlar Handkerchief Is A Gentleman’s Bulletproof Vest

Kevlar Handkerchief Is A Gentleman’s Bulletproof Vest

By Luke Anderson

I’m not an important enough person to worry about someone trying to off me, nor do I carry enough cash to justify putting up a fight against an armed mugger. However, there are those people that do worry about such things. Sure, you could wear a bullet-proof vest everywhere, but that’s not very comfortable, or fashionable for that matter. That’s why you might consider one of these Bulletproof Handkerchiefs.

These handkerchiefs are made from military-grade Kevlar for the sole purpose of protecting your heart. Since a shot to the heart pretty much means game over, this might be a good investment. Sure, it probably won’t be the best thing to wipe your nose with, but at least your heart is safe from projectiles.

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