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Ovetto Recycling Egg

Ovetto Recycling Egg

By Evan Ackerman

This egg / Rolly / Eve / photon torpedo shaped can-thing called the Ovetto has two separate compartments to help make your recycling easier and more efficient. You see, “waste must be kept separate according to the material class it belongs to,” since “separation of waste plays an important role in the integrated management system of waste as it allows the reduction of the amounts sent on for disposal to positive conditioning of the entire management system.” Betcha didn’t know that. Yep, the Ovetto sure “meets the needs of domestic waste separation in order to educate the population to correctly dispose of waste in order to be able to consequently recycle it.” The Ovetto makes this absolutely crucial separation step easy with its dual compartments; I assume one of the compartments is for mixed paper and plastic while the other is for mixed glass and metal. It’s brilliant, I tell you, brilliant!

The Ovetto Recycling Egg is made from recycled polypropylene and sells for about $250 from

[ Ovetto Recycling Bin ] VIA [ Treehugger ]