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Functional Wallpaper

Functional Wallpaper

By Jonathan Kimak

Designer Duncan Wilson has created an interesting way to decorate your wall at the office or at home.

Pixelnotes cover a wall in 5 layers of tiny perforated square notes. Each layer of notes are colored a different shade of grey while the deepest layer is a bright primary color such as red. The notes have an adhesive top similar to Post-it Notes.

If you ever need a piece of paper to jot something down you can just go over and rip off a piece. The on-going usage of the notes will create a constantly changing display of color and shapes that could make your workplace a tad more enjoyable and functional than a plain wall.

Of course if you’re one of those people who actually spend their time at work doing actual work you might not even notice that there are walls in your office.

[ Duncan Wilson’s Pixelnotes ] VIA [ Likecool ]