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RPGs And Tanks Make Baseball Exciting Again

By Evan Ackerman

Back in the day, I played baseball. Second base, to be specific. I quit about the time I got old enough to calculate the odds of me getting the ball on any given pitch (not good) and moved on to more exciting sports, like curling. Seems like some folks in Japan agree with me that baseball could use some spicing up, so they enlisted the help of the Cambodian military and their bullpen of heavy weaponry. The opener was a rocket propelled grenade with a baseball taped to it:

Yeah, that didn’t work so well… Take your base. After the jump, watch the relief pitcher (a T-55 tank) in action.

Yeah, so that didn’t work so well either. But who cares. Japan, you’re the greatest.

[ Japan Probe ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]