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No More Needles

No More Needles

By Jonathan Kimak

I’m not afraid of needles, they don’t really hurt me and I don’t faint at the sight of blood. But for many people needles are a nightmare. Well, now there may be an alternative.

Inventor Yoshio Oyama has come up with an injection mechanism that use small ampules instead of needles. The ampules are pre-loaded with whatever needs to be injected(medicine, vaccinations etc..). The device, called the Mother’s Kiss, can speed up the whole process of injection.

With a needle the syringe must first extract the needed medicine from a container and then inject the medicine into the patient. Since the ampules already have the medicine in them there is no extraction step needed.

The Mother’s Kiss can also reduce the rate of infection from contaminated needles that get reused in poor villages that can’t afford to use a new needle each time.

This could be a great way for all future injections to be a less dreadful experience.

VIA [ medGagdet (with video) ]