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Ford MyKey Makes Parents Smile And Teenagers Frown

Ford MyKey Makes Parents Smile And Teenagers Frown

By Jonathan Kimak

Yesterday Ford announced a new technology known as MyKey that will be a standard feature on all 2010 Ford Focus Coupes and will eventually be added to other Ford model vehicles.

MyKey is a system that can limit the functions of the car depending on which key is used. The MyKey can limit the speed of the car to 80 miles per hour, limit the maximum stereo volume to 44% and have a sustained chiming for unbuckled seatbelts.

The idea for the MyKey is that concerned parents can let their teenage kids who have just recently gotten their driver’s license drive the car without having to worry about them as much. It would also reduce the chance of parents having heart attacks when they turn on the car and have an unexpected blast of music hit them at top volume.

Ford did some polling and found that parents of teenagers loved the idea of MyKey while the teenagers did not. The teens opinions changed however, if they would be allowed to drive the family car more often due to the MyKey features.

VIA [ AutoBlog ]