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At Least You Won’t Have To Water It

At Least You Won’t Have To Water It

By Jonathan Kimak

Sega toys has released an interesting “toy,” the robotic plant called Pekoppa. Pekoppa has a grand total of one feature, it nods when you speak to it. That’s it, just nodding.

Maybe Sega has forgotten that for over a decade(probably two or three decades) there have been little dancing/singing plants with glasses on that also react to sound. Put on the radio and they’d go nuts, some even had their own music built in.

So why would anyone ever want to get this? The ad says that the plant is there as a good listener. If you’re talking to a real plant I can accept that, maybe it even helps the plant grow, who knows. But if you are talking to a robotic plant, then it’s time to go out and find some friends.

Cost $23.

[ Pekoppa the robotic plant ] VIA [ Gizmo Diva ]


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