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Gamer Grub, One-Handed Food For Gamers

Gamer Grub, One-Handed Food For Gamers

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When you’ve spent the last 6 hours in a raid with no end in sight, you need to eat. Unfortunately, no one wants to be that guy that brings the whole thing to a screeching halt for a Taco Bell run. Sure, you could cut down your time by just making a sandwich or nuking a can of Spaghetti-o’s, but that still takes time. So in the end, you’re forced to resort to a bag of Cheetos. It’s not the most filling or nutritional, (not to mention that orange film it leaves on everything you touch) but it’s better than nothing, right? Wrong. You need to get yourself some Gamer Grub.

That’s right, this can provides all of the energy and nutrition that you need in a gaming snack, but in a convenient one-handed container. Just set a stack of these on top of your mini fridge stocked with Red Bull and you’re good to go.

This stuff has apparently been scientifically formulated to provide the perfect balance of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to perform “such as visual input, cognitive processing, signal transmission and muscle reflexes” during marathon gaming. Honestly, any time they put some form of munchies in a one-handed container (which has been done plenty) people are going to eat it, especially with names like Action Pizza, Racing Wasabi, Sports PB&J and Strategy Chocolate. We’ll let you know if it really does anything to improve our gaming skills when it hits store shelves next year.