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Force Feedback Vest Now Supports World Of Warcraft

Force Feedback Vest Now Supports World Of Warcraft

By Jonathan Kimak

TN Games is releasing a gaming vest called the 3rd Space Vest. The vest allows a player to “feel” the things that their on-screen avatar feels. Kicks, punches and even environmental effects such as the wind can be experienced through the vest. With support for WoW the vest will also allow a player to feel the effects of spells on their body. Other games like Call of Duty 2 and BioShock are also supported.

Feedback vests are nothing new and I’ve never been a fan. But if you’re curious and live in Los Angeles you can check out the vest at the E for All Expo starting today(October 3) and going until October 5.

[ TN Games ] VIA [ Digital Trends ]


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