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Club Nintendo Is Finally Coming To North America!

Club Nintendo Is Finally Coming To North America!

Club Nintendo (Image courtesy Kotaku)By Andrew Liszewski

I wasn’t exactly blown away when Nintendo revealed the DSi yesterday, but since my DS Lite is suffering from a cracked hinge that Nintendo refuses to fix, I’ll probably be making the upgrade next year. All in all the company’s announcements weren’t terribly exciting, except for the part where Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that Club Nintendo would finally be coming to North America.

For those not familiar with Club Nintendo, it’s basically a loyalty program where fans can collect points via various online promotions, or by registering Nintendo products. And these points can eventually be traded in for some exclusive Nintendo-themed schwag like Wii Super Famicom controllers or exclusive offers like those limited edition DS Lites from a few weeks back. The club has already been in place in Europe, Japan, South Africa and Australia for some time now, and while I don’t know the specific reasons why it’s taken so long for it to come to North America, I’m just happy it’s finally here.

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