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Heated Traction Mats Keep Your Walkway Snow-Free

Heated Traction Mats Keep Your Walkway Snow-Free

By Luke Anderson

Somehow the month of October is already upon us, and with it comes the cool weather of fall. This of course serves as a reminder of the much colder weather that will be here before we know it. With all of the great technology we have, there are plenty of gadgets that will make sure you keep plenty warm this winter. One such device is this Heated Traction Mat.

When it starts getting really cold, just lay this may down along your walkway, and turn it on any time it snows. This will keep your walkway snow-free without the need of a shovel. If you forget to turn it on before the snow starts, it will still melt it away at a rate of 2-inches per hour.

This seems like a great winter gadget, however, I find there to be a couple of problems with it. First, if your walkway slopes downward toward the street, all of the melted snow will run down and create a sheet of ice, which will only cause further issues. Second, at a price of $1,100 for a 2’x15′ mat, it’s just not very cost-effective. You could probably pay a neighbor kid to shovel your walkway and driveway for many years at that price.

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