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DGX DVH586 Camcorder Geotags Video

DGX DVH586 Camcorder Geotags Video

By Evan Ackerman

If you’re someone who likes to upload video clips to YouTube a lot, and you have trouble remembering where exactly you were when you took the video, you should probably not run for public office any time soon. Also, you may want to have a look at DGX’s DVH586 HD video camera, which is able to add geographic metadata to video clips (just your initial location, I’m guessing) as you take them. On the software side, it’s then able to export that data to YouTube (this just in: YouTube has an integrated video geotagging option). There isn’t much information about the hardware on the camera itself, besides that it’s HD and it uses GPS software from Geotate.

The interesting thing about the Geotate geotagging software is that it doesn’t actually take the time or energy to figure out where you are. Instead, the software takes a snapshot of the raw satellite data, and when you get home, your computer crunches the numbers and derives a location. It’s much faster and more efficient, but if you and your camel driver are lost in the desert and you’re trying to call in an airlift, you’ll both die of thirst (and the camel will probably eat you) before the camera will spit out an actual location. So, you know, just something to be aware of.

According to Geotate, the DGX DVH586 “offers the right user experience at the right price point to penetrate the mass market,” but they don’t say what that price is, or when the camera will be available.

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