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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Floater Cutlery Won’t Sink In Your Sink

Floater (Image courtesy Seongyong Lee)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I like this clever cutlery design by Seongyong Lee that adds a bulbous ‘float’ to your forks, knives and spoons so that they won’t sink to the bottom when doing dishes, the more I look at it, the more it seems like a solution looking for a problem. I mean I honestly can’t say that sunken cutlery has ever been a real problem for me. I think one time I might have nicked a finger on a sharp knife while blindly fishing around in the sink, but that’s pretty much it. In fact the only time I think this might actually be handy is if you were doing dishes in a swimming pool, or any container/body of water that was deeper than your arms could reach.

And while the Floater cutlery is just a concept at this stage, Seongyong has made a working prototype you can see in action in the video I’ve included after the jump.

[ Seongyong Lee – Floater ] VIA [ designklub ]

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UFO Night Light Will Scare Your Kids

By Evan Ackerman

I don’t know what it is, exactly, but there’s just something about the alien figure in this UFO nightlight that really, really freaks me out. Maybe it’s the expression. Or the shape of the head. And I’m an adult (sort of); would you really want to put something like this in a little kid’s room? Watching, always watching, just waiting for you to fall asleep, and then it’ll get out of its little space ship, climb up onto your bed, creep over to your face, and suck your life force out through your eyeballs while making soft little slurping noises.

Sluuuurp. Sluuuuuurp.

Um, let’s change the subject a little bit, I’m actually starting to scare myself now. So that totally incredibly awesome Alien Abduction Lamp? It’s for sure going into production (woohoo!), and the designer, Lasse Klein, has the prototypes on his desk as I type this. They’re fixing a few issues, and it’ll be ready “as soon as possible.”

Meantime, you can have this nightlight instead, if you want it, which I don’t, for $40.

[ Etsy ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]

Harmonix Teams Up With Apple Corps For A (Non-Rock Band) Beatles Game

This post is syndicated with permission from

If I stop to think about some of the most influential musicians and bands in the history of Rock, The Beatles are certainly high on the list. Unfortunately the British musicians have been slow to license their music in the digital age. I believe they are one of only 3 bands in the entire world that don’t have their work for sale on iTunes. Despite their apparent fear of modern music distribution, they have decided to allow Harmonix to develop their own music game.

One would be quick to think that this was a Rock Band title, however, this is not the case. It is apparently a completely unique game, though it does draw on the Rock Band platform in some ways. Very little is known about the project at this point, though we do have a few tidbits. One, it will follow the Beatles career from their first album all the way up to their last release. It will also feature a lot of “visual imagery”, though specifics weren’t mention. One good piece of news is that it will be compatible with current Rock Band instruments.

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Microsoft SecondLight Makes Surface More Magical

By Evan Ackerman

This is a demo of Microsoft’s SecondLight table, which takes their totally awesome Surface technology and adds a see-through dimension that looks like black magic. Or semi-transparent magic, I guess. SecondLight is just like Surface, except it uses a display that switches back and forth between transparent and opaque so quickly that you can’t tell it’s not a completely opaque surface. This switching is synced up with a projection system that projects an alternate image through the display surface whenever it’s in transparent mode. In effect, SecondLight is able to project one image straight through another. When you put a diffuse surface (like tracing paper or plastic) on top of the primary surface, the second image that’s being projected straight through appears on it.

There are other advantages to a surface that’s effectively transparent half the time. For example, a camera can be synced to the transparent periods, giving it the ability to look straight through a seemingly active, opaque display. The camera can see the faces of people sitting around the table, and even tell if they’re looking at the table or not. Or, transparent objects can be placed on the table, and alternate images can be projected through them. Designers suggest that “game pieces, such as chess pieces, designed in this way [could allow] animated graphics to be rendered onto their faces and bodies.” Wow.

Any chance we’ll see this built into Oahu? Um, let’s just go with yes, and keep our fingers crossed.

[ PC Magazine ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Hand Crank Locomotives Are A Child’s Dream Toy

By Luke Anderson

If you have a rather large room that is in need of a large train set, then have I got the perfect thing for you. These Hand Crank Locomotives are made from cast aluminum, with cast-iron wheels which glide along a 30′ diameter track. They are entirely kid-powered, with a simple hand-crank for each locomotive. The set includes two such trains, which can support a child that weighs up to 100 lbs.

This sounds like an awesome gift for a younger child, but due to the large size, I don’t see many children finding this under the tree on Christmas morning. Oh, then there’s that $4,100 price tag, and the $500 it will cost to have it shipped to your door.

[ Hammacher Schlemmer ] VIA [ RGS ]

Finger Sockets Don’t Seem Very Useful

By Luke Anderson

Here is probably one of the strangest tool sets I’ve ever seen. What you see is a set of finger-mounted sockets. These plastic tools fit on your finger with what appears to be a zip tie (hopefully there is a mechanism for loosening it, unlike regular zip ties). This allows you to grip a nut or bolt with just a single finger.

While at first pass this might seem somewhat useful, I seriously doubt that it would be. First, the thing is made of plastic, so you wouldn’t be able to put much pressure on it (plus that plastic strip would dig into your finger and become quite painful). Not to mention the fact that unlike a socket wrench, there’s no room to allow the bolt to pass completely through the nut you are tightening. This just means you’ll have to get out a regular socket wrench anyway. Sure, you get 10 US and 10 Metric sizes, but I see this as something that gets tossed in a drawer and forgotten. At least you’ll only have wasted $20 on it.

[ WhateverWorks ] VIA [ BookOfJoe ]

Catch A Kitty With This Fishing Rod & Reel

By Luke Anderson

I’m not sure how many of you are cat owners, but of those that are, I wonder how many of you actually buy toys for your feline friend. I used to, however, I have discovered that my cat tends to lose interest in most of them, opting instead to chase after my feet, the curtains, and other times, absolutely nothing at all. Seriously, she’ll tear through the house as if she were chasing some sort of prey, when in reality there isn’t anything there. Well, if your cat actually plays with the toys you purchase, then you might check out this Fishing Rod & Reel.

This little number is basically a small fishing pole with catnip-filled toys in place of a hook. This lets you participate in your cat’s fun, while still sitting comfortably in your chair. If you need another cat toy in the house, then this can be yours for $22.

[ WhatOnEarth ] VIA [ FoolishGadgets ]

Say Hello To My Little (Frozen)Friend

By Jonathan Kimak

In some parts of North America it has already begun to snow. And while the bitter chill might not be fun, snowball fights always are. And now you can gain a technological advantage in the backyard, the biggest advantage since the ice ball.

The snowball launcher can form 3 snowballs in its chambers and then using a slingshot can fire the balls up to 50 feet away. No batteries, so the fast flying and long range snowballs can go on as long as you can.

You can get one for $30.

It may not be most noble of additions to winter sports equipment but it still looks neat. Personally I’m looking forward to someone inventing a snowzooka.

[ Snowball Launcher ] VIA [ Slippery Brick ]

MS Arc Mouse Reviewed. Verdict: An Excellent Travel Companion

By Ian Chiu

For road warriors going on a business a trip, the second most important thing other than a notebook is a mobile mouse, which can greatly affect productivity. Having said that, Microsoft has had numerous laptop mice over the years that are both functional and portable, but none of them is more eye catching as the Arc Mouse. The aptly-named Arc sports a hinged semicircular shape that allows it to close to nearly half-size for travel, and to unfold to a full-sized mouse. The mini USB dongle is also hidden in a crevice on the underside of the folding wing, which becomes the mouse’s palm rest.

After Everything USB spent nearly two weeks with the Arc, surfing the web and checking emails, they found the mouse to be spot-on for most tasks while preventing fatigue. The rubberized sides also allow you to get a good grip since the surface of the Arc is in gloss paint with a glass-smooth finish. In the end, while there are certainly some minor flaws in usability and set-up, the Arc mobile mouse is praised as “an excellent travel companion” that is well worth the price.

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