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Noma Programmable Thermostat With Wireless Temperature Monitor

Noma Programmable 5+1+1 Thermostat With Remote (Image courtesy Canadian Tire)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve always thought that a single, centrally located thermostat in a house was an odd way to regulate its overall temperature. In the house I grew up in, the thermostat was located in a hallway, and since I didn’t spend a lot of time as a kid hanging out in that hallway, I was always urged to just put on a sweater whenever I complained about my room being too cold. And that’s why I think this particular programmable thermostat from Noma is a pretty great idea. Besides a large easy-to-read (though somewhat complicated) LCD display showing the current temperature, time and operating mode, and 12 weekly programmable settings, it also comes with a wireless remote that can monitor the temperature in whatever room you happen to be in. That way the thermostat will regulate the temperature based on where you actually are in your house, instead of only for a part you’re nowhere near. So if you happen to live in Canada or will be visiting in the near future, you can pick one up from Canadian Tire for around $63.

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