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Awesome: Falcon R/C Helicopter Shoots BBs

Awesome: Falcon R/C Helicopter Shoots BBs

By Evan Ackerman

I’m not entirely sure what the text on that picture says… Something about destroying France for the last time, I think. But who cares, it’s an R/C helicopter with a freakin’ BB cannon on it. The Falcon 4 channel electric helicopter (it’s modeled after the Apache) comes ready to fly out of the box with a remote, battery, charger, BBs, and safety goggles. Behind the helicopter’s engine compartment is a “bomb box” which holds the BBs, and a button on the remote will launch them out of some kind of cannon thing mounted just under the starboard weapons pod. There’s no information on ammunition capacity, rate of fire, or range… But you can always just zoom past your intended target at neck level and decapitate them with the rotor blades.

The Falcon should be available soon (in Italy, at least) for about 100 Euros (or about 50,000 150 USD).

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