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Visomate Position Sensor Battles Poor Posture

Visomate Position Sensor Battles Poor Posture

Visomate USB Position Sensor Alarm (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

We’ve all been lectured on the benefits of proper posture when working on a computer, particularly when you spend a vast majority of your waking hours hunched over a keyboard. But it’s not always easy to maintain a good posture, and even if you remember to sit up, over time your body will naturally return to its previous slumped state. Unless of course you have one of these Visomate sensors which sits atop your monitor and keeps an eye on your posture for you. It connects to your PC via USB, but really only uses it to power a sensor which monitors how close your head is to the screen. As your poor posture causes you to lean towards or away from the screen over time, the Visomate will automatically sound an alarm or light up an LED indicator letting you know you’re on the fast track to a chiropractor’s office. It’s available from the Rare Mono Shop for $37.

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