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NeatReceipts NeatDesk Scanner

NeatReceipts NeatDesk Scanner

NeatReceipts NeatDesk Scanner (Image courtesy Ubergizmo)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I am the type of person who keeps track of their receipts and files them away in an organized accordion folder, I draw the line at scanning them into my PC. But I think my excuse of it being ‘too much work’ is losing ground. The NeatDesk from NeatReceipts is another scanner designed to make the whole process of creating digital copies of your receipts a lot easier thanks to software that can automatically recognize and record the dates and dollar amounts.

And while most receipt or business card scanners are designed as compact dedicated units, the NeatDesk can also accommodate regular 8.5×11 documents and can actually scan both sides in a single pass. The unit features dedicated slots for different sized documents (full pages vs. business cards) and there’s an easy to use PDF button on the front that will automatically scan and convert any document directly into a PDF file. With a supposed price tag of around $500 it’s a far cry from the cheapo $80 scanners available at most electronic stores these days, so I guess the real value must lie in the included software.

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