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Mario Paint Composer Homebrew For The Nintendo DS

Mario Paint Composer Homebrew For The Nintendo DS

Mario Paint Composer DS (Image courtesy BassAceGold)By Andrew Liszewski

More news on the Nintendo DS front today, but this time it pertains to the homebrew scene which I’ve been following ever since the DS was released. A few months ago my weekly ‘The Games We Played‘ column featured an old SNES titles called Mario Paint, which besides painting and animation, also allowed you to create music with its built-in song composer, giving the title a whole other life on YouTube.

But for those without a working SNES or a copy of the game today, there’s a PC app called Mario Paint Composer which provides the exact same functionality. And as of this weekend, thanks to PAlib Forum member ‘BassAceGold’, there’s now a version of the composer available for the Nintendo DS. You’ll need a homebrew-friendly DS cartridge in order to play Mario Paint Composer DS, but installation was a breeze, and the app is pretty much exactly how I remember it from the SNES days, with a few bonus samples thrown in and the ability to now save and share your creations.

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