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Tamagotchi Plus Series – Now In Color!

Tamagotchi Plus Series – Now In Color!

Tamagotchi Plus Color (Images courtesy Bandai)
By Andrew Liszewski

Surprisingly it’s been over 12 years since the original Tamagotchi was released, and following in the steps of television and then the Game Boy, the keychain-sized fad is hoping to gain some popularity once again by introducing a color screen! The concept is still the same, you’re in charge of taking care of a small digital creature, and by ‘take care’ I of course mean torture, starve and whatever other cruel and unusual punishments the game actually allows you to carry out. But this time around it looks like the 128×128 pixel TFT LCD screen is actually able to render custom backgrounds like a living room, bedroom, kitchen and even a bathroom. (I’m pretty creeped out that the toilet actually has a face, what heinous crime did that guy commit in a past life?)

The new Tamagotchi game also introduces other elements like different seasons and weather conditions, and more expressive emotions that should provide a bit more satisfaction as you make your character’s life a living nightmare. The Tamagotchi Plus Color will be released on November 22, but this time around they’ll set you back a rather steep $48.

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2 responses to “Tamagotchi Plus Series – Now In Color!”

  1. Greenmix says:

    This tamagotchi is v7?

  2. Greenmix says:

    This tamagotchi is v7?