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Fish Tank Friday: Teach Your Fish Hollow Earth Geography

Fish Tank Friday: Teach Your Fish Hollow Earth Geography

By Evan Ackerman

So maybe you’ve taught your fish all kinds of neat tricks. That’s great. But what about some old fashioned book learning? I mean, how’s your fish going to get a job without some smarts? This globe aquarium should do the trick, since Mr. Fishy will have absolutely nothing better to do than study the geography of the world that’s been stenciled onto his house, day and night (since it glows in the dark thanks to an LED lamp).

You might think that it would be a problem not to have a north pole when learning global geography. Not so, since in fact the Earth also has big hole up there, just like this fish tank. Where does the hole go? Why, inside the Earth, of course. It’s hollow in there. With people in it. The Garden of Eden is down there, apparently. And a monorail. You can go there, if you like… Just join the expedition.

Be sure not to forget your fish tank. You know, in case you get lost and need a map back to the surface. It’s $49.95.

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