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Add A Set Of Brakes To Your Skateboard

Add A Set Of Brakes To Your Skateboard

By Luke Anderson

When I see someone skating down a particularly large hill, I tend to wonder both if they are crazy, and how they manage to stop at the bottom. I kind of figure that if they don’t know the answer to the second question, then they are in fact, crazy. If you enjoy conquering steep hills, but need a little assistance in coming to a halt, you could always equip your board with a SkateBrake Kit.

This kit essentially adds a set of brakes to any skateboard. It also has the effect of getting you laughed at while using it. There’s nothing like skating along holding onto a hand brake. I’m also questioning just how effective a set of brakes would be on something to which you aren’t anchored in any way. Squeeze too hard and you’ll be rolling the rest of the way downhill.  If you’re convinced that this is what your board is missing, then it will set you back $110.

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