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BoomCooler Is Good For Booming, Not So Much For Cooling

BoomCooler Is Good For Booming, Not So Much For Cooling

By Luke Anderson

I’m all for combining two useful devices into one even more useful one. However, if you are going to successfully accomplish this, there are two guidelines that really matter. First, the two products should probably be related in some way (a desktop keyboard combined with a tire gague probably wouldn’t go well together). You’ll also want to make sure that the end result can perform the tasks of both independent objects, and perform them well. This BoomCooler is a perfect example of how not to do that.

I can totally get why you would combine a cooler and a sound system. Having good music and cold drinks in the same place is always a good idea. With its 10” sub, dual 6”x9” speakers 600-Watt amp and CD player, you’ll have plenty of good music, but where it fails is in the cooler department. A cooler is pretty simple, it just needs to keep things cool. However, the BoomCooler is not recommended for wet storage, which means no ice. Sure, you can go out and buy some cooler packs to stick in there, but those don’t always work the greatest. I’m pretty sure that for $900 you could get a cheap cooler and get a separate portable sound system.

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