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Tabby Tote Makes Sure Your Cat Gets The Point

Tabby Tote Makes Sure Your Cat Gets The Point

By Luke Anderson

I’ve always loved cats, and generally enjoy having one around the house. Of course some felines have a tendency to scratch every piece of furniture in the house to bits, despite the fact that you’ve purchased a perfectly good scratching post. Others might decide that certain items around the house need “marked”. Well if your cat has a bad habit or two that you need to take care of, you might consider the Tabby Tote Cat Carrier.

No, this isn’t a real device (this one was), but it is hilarious. Yes, I know that it’s completely wrong, and I’d never subject an animal to that kind of cruelty. However, when you come home to discover your brand new couch has been shredded to bits, you’ll remember this one.

VIA [ FoolishGadgets ]