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Make Your Own Putt-Putt Course With My Mini Golf

Make Your Own Putt-Putt Course With My Mini Golf

By Luke Anderson

If Putt-Putt were a professional sport, I would likely make an attempt to join a team. When I was a kid we would have to drive over an hour to reach the nearest Putt-Putt course, which meant that was a rare treat. Since those times I’ve always secretly thought about making my own private course, but those sorts of things take a good bit of money. If you’re looking for a small course that won’t set you back a couple thousand bucks, here is the My Mini Golf miniature golf course.

I have to say that while the idea seemed exciting, I am really underwhelmed. You only get a total of 7 plastic pieces, which I’m sure will be plenty of fun if you position them correctly. What really turns me off to the product is the $329 price tag. That breaks down to almost $50 for each piece of plastic, which is a bit salty in my book.

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